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Tony Marinari (lead and rhythm guitars) Started playing guitar at the age of 12 where he studied under Thomas Gagliardi (Sony Troy) a monster jazz session player in the Philadelphia music scene. He continued his studies under various teachers such as Bobby Ferrara (Joe Lynn Turner) and recently Shawn Christie local legend of performance, guitar studies and music theory. Tony started his musical career on stage playing in his high school’s jazz band then simultaneously in a David Bowie tribute band in school and has been performing on stage ever since. From the early 80’s he was on the road touring, covering most popular rock bands before joining the band Wrathchild, a staple in popular 80s rock clubs like The Galaxy, Cell Block, Dick Lees, and Heaven. In the mid 90’s he played in original band Triage, signed to EMI. In 2016 he joined the original band Loaded Gun out of Southern New Jersey writing 80’s/90... View Profile
Izzy Thomas (lead vocals) Izzy discovered her love of and talent for music at a very early age. She started singing when she was 9 years old and a short time after started singing at her local church. Inspired by her grandfathers powerful church voice. She decided then she was going to be singer...During high school she found a new passion performing in musicals. As a young adult she sang in weddings and always karaoke competitions. In 2012, when asked to try out for a local band l, then began her live scene. Became the new lead vocalist in the New Jersey band, Deja Vu and continued with them until 2014. After moving to North Carolina she connected with the band No Limits for classic southern rock from 2014 to 2015. Moved cross country in 2016 and hooked up with a band Izzy and the Thrusters... Moved back east and now the lead singer for Stage 3.... View Profile
Brian Bachorz (rhythm guitar/vocals) Brian is a musician/songwriter/guitar player, originally from Western PA. He has over 30 years of guitar playing experience in and around the Western PA and South Jersey area. Brian is a Berklee College of Music graduate who studied professional music in Boston, MA!... View Profile
Mike Berry (drums) Pending... View Profile
John Caabrese (bass/vocal) Pending... View Profile


Izzy: 609-933-9177

Email : stage3rocks@gmail.com

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