Tony Marinari (lead and rhythm guitars)

Started playing guitar at the age of 12 where he studied under Thomas Gagliardi (Sony Troy) a monster jazz session player in the Philadelphia music scene. He continued his studies under various teachers such as Bobby Ferrara (Joe Lynn Turner) and recently Shawn Christie local legend of performance, guitar studies and music theory. Tony started his musical career on stage playing in his high school’s jazz band then simultaneously in a David Bowie tribute band in school and has been performing on stage ever since. From the early 80’s he was on the road touring, covering most popular rock bands before joining the band Wrathchild, a staple in popular 80s rock clubs like The Galaxy, Cell Block, Dick Lees, and Heaven. In the mid 90’s he played in original band Triage, signed to EMI. In 2016 he joined the original band Loaded Gun out of Southern New Jersey writing 80’s/90’s metal influenced rock. Tony has also been the lead guitarist for the classic rock cover band Stage 3 since its inception in 1995.